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Ace Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

Our highly qualified staff value the ability to provide care that is proven to have clinical efficacy by using advanced equipment in an environment that meet and exceed your expectations.We use combination of techniques to move joints and muscles and we  prescribe the best therapeutic exercises based on current research to correct movement dysfunction and gain strength, flexibility and mobility.


Whether you had sudden accident or your body is stressed from improper posture and inactivity, our comprehensive , individualized treatment regimen is designed to help you achieve and maintain optimal strength and  stability to continue doing  the things you love. We will help reach your goal of returning to a pain free and productive lifestyle with your family and  friends, work and your community as quickly as possible.


Our general treatment regimen and philosophy has two specific goals.

  1. The initial phase emphasizes pain reduction through manual therapy and education.

  2. The second component of the treatment program involves patient’s active participation with the therapeutic exercises, functional training, balance programs, agility and tolerance activities to ensure safe and independent performance of daily functional activities.

Jose U. Rigor

Physical Therapist


Dr Jose Rigor graduated with BS in Physical Therapy from University of Santo Tomas. He then pursued his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Utica College where he received most  outstanding Honors in Academics.He is certified in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization  Level 1. He regularly attends Continuing Education courses that covers different techniques of manual therapy.

He is highly skilled with 33 years of experience and has worked in various Physical Therapy settings. He has strong background in musculo-skeletal dysfunction with special interest in sports related injuries and post surgical physical rehabilitation.

His practice is influenced by manual therapy techniques by Stanley Paris. Rolfing and myofascial release techniques are influenced by Michael Shea. He utilizes acupressure principles and strongly use muscle energy techniques, functional training and postural exercises.

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